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No Matter How Close You Are!
There Is Always One Part Which Is Far And Distant
No Matter How Intently You Sit
This One Won’t Listen!

Lost In It’s Own World
In It’s Own Thoughts Which Flickers
Within Us And Beyond Reason
Sees All And Feels All

Always In It’s Own World Of Emotions
Detached Feeling Tired And Withered
With Urge To Give Up
Riding The Flight Of Fear

Driving So Fast
And Hard To Steer
The Irrationality
Which Senses Can’t Bear!

The Irrational One Inside
Who’s Thoughts Are Hasty And Ideas Not Clear!
Who’s Voice Is Trembling With Fear!
The One Who Is Afraid

Even When Ultimate Goal Is So Close And So Near!
The Irrational One
With It’s Doubts
So, Listen My Dear!

When Irrationality Starts To Speak
No Need To Hear!
Believe In Yourself And
Know It’s Mere

The Irrational One!

The Irrational One!


Written by A.P

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