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Wearing A Mask
That Hides Our Face!
Protecting Ourself From The Prying Eyes
So We Feel Safe!

Wearing A Mask And We Fake
We Doubt Someone Will Understand
Or Could Really Relate
So We Don’t Let Our True Side Be Portrayed

So We Smile Along
And Walk The Same
Step With Step
Matching Society Pace

Day After Day
We Do It Again And Again
Lost Ourself On The Way
In A Endless Pursuit
Of Living Which We Have To Make!

How Many Spirits It Claims
And Nasty Shape It Takes
Don’t We All Suffer From It?
Isn’t It Like A Plague?
The Loss Of Spirit Can It Be Replaced?

But We Wear A Mask
Which Won’t Shake!
We Keep Up The Charade!
We All In The Different Level
But In The Same Game!

Fighting The Demon
But Hard To Tame
Dissatisfied With Whatever Be The Place
So We Try To Fill The Void
With Indulgence And Material We Purchased

Inside We Scream And Shout
And We Wanna Break
Thoughts And Questions
Drives Us Insane

But We Don’t Give It Away
So We Wear Make Up
And The Way Dialogues We Say
Persuading Our Audience
To Accept The Way We Behave

Playing The Role Of Sane!
Acting Infront Of The World- A Stage!
Giving Our Best Performance
Life – A Play!
Until The Show Ends One Day..

“All The World’s A Stage,
And All The Men And Women Merely Players;
They Have Their Exits And Their Entrances,
And One Man In His Time Plays Many Parts,
His Acts Being Seven Ages”
– William Shakespeare

The Mask

The Mask


Written by A.P

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