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Evil Inside
Negativity It Recites
The Devil That Reside
Brings Doubts In Mind

Will You Keep Asking The Why’s?
Be Careful To Whom The Power You Assign
If You Won’t Then Who Will Decide?
To Put Up A Fight

Say This Time Is Mine
This Is My Life!
You Feeling Beaten And Exhausted By Hands Of Time?
Get Up

No One Can Walk You To The Finish Line!
Limp Or Run
The One Adaptable To Change Will Survive!
Take It In The Stride

Keep Your Will Power Beside
“When The Will Is Ready The Feet Are Light”
The Wind Beneath Your Wings
Is The Will Power In Your Eyes
Gather And Be Ready To Fly

Take A Leap
Fear Is Make Believe
Don’t Give Up
Don’t Let Mind Deceit

Don’t Surrender
Never Give In
Just Keep On Fighting

Be Willing!
Power Is Yours
Always Was And Always Will Be
Be The Master Of Your Universe
By Being Masters Of Your Thinking


The Power

The Power


Written by A.P

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