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Behind The Scares, What Do You Find?
The Face, The Struggle, That’s Mine!

Behind The Smile, What Do You Hide?
A Sad Truth, About Life!

Behind The Shadow
Is There A Light?

Each Story With Two Sides
Each Day Ends In Night

Learn To Live It All
Admire The End
It Brings Us To New Start
Journey Never Stops

Don’t fight It
This Is All The Life Is

Not Always Good And Not Always Bad
It’s The Perspective
Learn To Live With That

Smile At Your Enemy
So That His Power fades Away
Struggle And Pain Is The Force, The Energy, The Black Hole
Where Life Is Made

Each Coin With Two Sides
If Today Seems Dark
I Promise Tomorrow Will Be Bright

We All Been There
Done That
No One Is Left
No One Is Behind
Not All Is The Truth
And Not All Is Lie

It’s Our Thoughts
That takes Us Away From The Eyes
The True Sight
We Start To Live In Mind
Realm Hard To Find

Past Is The Story
We Walked By
Future Is The Blurry Picture
Where We Yet To Arrive

Till Then Live In Present
The Very Moment
That Creates Our Life

Present Is The Truth
Don’t Deny It
Live It To Fullest As You Should…


The Present

The Present


Written by A.P

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