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The Things We Fear
The Most Have Already Happened To Us!
The People We Hold Dear And Close
Are Always Taken Away From Us!

It’s Time Of Course
That Does All The Work!
We Are Just The Vessel Experiencing
What Time Fit’s Important For Us!

Don’t Just Lose Your Trust!
Don’t Give Up Your Hope!
Don’t Hate Love, If You Are Hurt!
It’s All Preparing Us
We Are Termed Growing Up!

Nothing’s Wrong In Feeling
The Desperation, Push, The Thrust!
That All Is Going Hay Wire
And Things Are Getting Worse!
Nothing Wrong In Pain And Tears

It Shapes Us
Let Things Flow Through
Cause If We Don’t, It Won’t Change Us!
Let It Transform That Fear To Wisdom
Hate To Love

Nature Is Quenching Our Thirst!
Giving Us The Wisdom
That We Might Break Down
And But Again We Build Up!
Experienced Is The Name With Which Time Affiliate Us!

Change Is The Only Constant
And It Builds Our Character And Makes Us!
It’s Turning Our Ignorance To Knowledge
It’s Time To Wake Up!

The Way Things Work!

The Way Things Work!


Written by A.P

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