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The One Who Can Write
From Top Of His Mind
The One Who Can Describe
What Brings Meaning To This Life?

The One Who Can Scribble And Fight
Against Silence All Night
What He Wants?
Against What He Finds!

The Reality Of Time
When He Pours Down, It Just Happen To Rhyme
Things He Sees
The Good And The Crimes

He Raise His Voice
And Try Reach Many Alike
Someone Who Can Connect
Someone Who Says- Yes This Is Right!

I Feel The Same
I Feel Your Vibe
I Totally Connect With Your Words
From The Lines!

We All Writing The Play Called –
“What This Life Like?”
We All Are Born
We All Die

Moments Can Be Tough
But Life Is All Fine
We Living In Dreams
We All Living In Our Minds

That’s Why We Suffer
But Peace Also Comes From Inside
It’s All About What We Think
Where Our Thoughts Reside?

What We Write And Type
It’s All About What We Decide!
How We Respond To The Situation?
Do We Let it Consume Us?

And Constantly Think – Why?
Or Do We Learn The Lesson
And See The Bright Side?
It Never Hurts The Eyes

Our Character Main Essence Is It Can Improvise!
All The Scripts Recites-
“We Learn From Experience”
That’s The Theme Of The Play Called
“What This Life Like?”

The Writer

The Writer


Written by A.P

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