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You Are Figment Of Imagination
Creation Of Your Mind!
You Are Who You Think You Are!
In That Particular Moment
In That Space At That Time!

A Partial Truth
A Partial Lie!
No Better Than The Next Person
We All Play So Many Roles
In Our Life

The Same Body, Bones And Blood
Body Which Will Die,
Bones Which Will Dissolve
And Blood Which Will Dry

You Are Who You Want To Be
In Someone Eyes
A Lover, A Father, A Mother, A Friend
Like The Next Person
Who Smiles And Cries

You Are An Idea
Subjective, Changing With Perspective
Can’t Be Confined
You Will Never Be The Same
Till The Day You Be Alive

You Will Change With Each Thought That Rise
Go Sleep On It!
You Change Every Night!
Who Are You?
Can You Define?




Written by A.P

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