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Are You Living Your Life
In Order  To Just Exist
Won’t You Go Out
And Do That And This
Do As You Wished

In Life Is Passing Time
The Gist?
Or Will You Make Something Out Of It?
Your Life
Question Will Be- How You Lived?

In Doing So You Carried Your Wits
Or Had Gloomy Fits?
On Your Way To Crack The Myth
– How Life And Time Is Mixed!
Did You Become A Nihilist?

Or You Found Your Way Through The Mist!
Opportunity To Prove Yourself Did You Miss?
Or Never Allowed It To Slip?
Fear And Doubts And Their Temptations
Were You Able To Resist?

You Made Your Life A Bliss?
Crossed Off Your Bucket List?
Or Cursed Fate For What It Did
I’m Whipped, Fate Is A Bitch!!
Did You Burn Your Soul And Skin

Or Inspiration Were You Able To Find Within
To Be Daring
In Order To Win
In front Of Hardship Did You Ever Give In?
Were You Fighting Or Were You Kneeling?

With Obstacles How Were You Dealing?
Were You Alive Or Just Breathing?
On Your Way Did You Ever Stop Believing?
Time And Life
Is What You Make Of It

No One Is Handing Anything
So Are You Willing?
Your Dreams Are Yours For Fulfilling !
Your Desires Are Yours For Living!




Written by A.P

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