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All Will Take It’s Toll
Time Will Take It’s Toll On You..
In The Day & In The Night What To Do?

Where To Run?
Emotions How To Shun?
Thoughts How To Shut?

Why I Lack Behind?
Why Can’t I Keep Up?
It All Will Take It’s Toll On You..

Pain Running In Veins
How To Escape?
Not A Clue..

Eyes Are Puzzled..What To Believe?
& Which World?
The One In The Brain, The One You Can’t Escape..
Or The One Out There..With Pretentiousness Everywhere

It All Taking It’s Toll..
With A Speed Out Of Control..
Escaping To Inner Self
Scared To Cry For Help

The Silence & The Music
The New & The Aged..
It’s All Taking It’s Toll
Where To Run?
Where To Go?

Running Towards The New & Escaping The Old

No Escaping From Oneself
Enjoy What’s Been Left..

It’s All Alright
If You Just Control Your Breath!!


Time Will Take It's Toll

Time Will Take It’s Toll


Written by A.P

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