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When you want something in life
And You want it bad
There’s no time to think
Now is the time to act

If you don’t act now
The feelings won’t come back
You got to act now
And You got to act fast

When you want something in your life
And You want it bad
Be Poisonous As fierce snake
The burning venom will long last!

Fire in the eyes
Passion in mind
Ingredient to interesting life!

Better I will live with passion
And Die every night
Born again new with sunrise
Smile with difficulties & See within it’s eyes!
That’s the moment when Satan will hide!

Mischievous Grin & Burning Eyes!
Born new everyday & Let the old one die every night!
Compassion & Passion makes us alive!
Now Is The Right Time

Time Is Now

Time Is Now


Written by A.P

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