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Let’s Keep It Quiet!
And We Will Do It Right
For All You Have Been Through
In Loving Memory Of It
Let’s Keep Quiet For A While!

All The Good Days You Smiled
And All The Bad Days You Cried!
In The Memory Of What You Experienced
What All Made You- You My Child!

We Will Give It A Salute And Wave It Goodbye
It’s All Learning
It’s All About A Hit And Try!
You Been There And Done That!
Now Let’s Move To Better Times!

No More Remorse
And No More Being Insecure
You Derive Energy From The Fact You Are Alive!
All The Days You Thought You Couldn’t
But You Survived!

Now You Are Bigger, Bolder And Stronger
Prepared For Your Fight!
Let’s Move Into Tomorrow And
See Ahead What Lies!

In The Loving Memory Of Days And Night!
The Last 365 Days Of Life
The Relief, The Sigh!
Today We Can See How Things Turn Alright!

Remember We Never Lose
But Always Find
That Things Turn Worth The While!
It’s Blessing In Disguise!
Tomorrow Showing Better, Brighter And Promising Signs!

It’s All For The Better!
Time The Endless Spiral
You Have To Climb!
Quick, Make Your Mind!

Catch Up To It’s Speed
Don’t Fall Behind!
Remember Tomorrow Never Dies!
It’s Time You Too Arrive!

Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies


Written by A.P

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