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What Did You Just Say?
A Good And Valid Point I Make?

I Think We Should Use The Word Cliché!
The Question Has Lost It’s Meaning!
“How Are Humans Made?
Why Are We Living?”

Living To Obey?
Obey The Elites
For Them We Are Nothing But Labor And Slave
No Need To Be Afraid
By Some Other Planet Aliens
We Are Betrayed By Our Own Race!


From The Beginning Of Dawn!
Humans Are Controlled And Framed!
With Insecurities!
With Religion And In The God’s Name

Fear Of God!
The One Who Sees Us All!?

Isn’t God Our Own consciousness And Our Brain?
Why Would God Allow Killing Of Millions?
So To Feel Better And Great?

Jesus Don’t Seem To Like Allah!
Nazi Against The Jews!
What A Shame!
Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha!
All Tried To Teach The Same!!

Do Good To Others!
Lift Them Up When They Cave!
They Never Said It’s Justified To Kill And Dominate
That’s Human Putting Words Into Mouth
To Have Their Ways
Killing And Shedding Blood For Religion Sake!


When Will Human Wake Up?
Man, Woman, Lesbians Or Gay
All Are Blood And Bones
Why The Hatred? Why The Hate?

It’s No One But Elites And Corporates
With Their Game
Hiding Behind The Propaganda
So More Money They Make
More Stuff They Sale

No Matter How Many Sacrificed Till Date!
Human Still Waits For Some Better Day!
It’s Now Or Never!
It’s Always Now Forever!
Be The Change!!

Wake Up And Live For Each Other!
Live For Brothers And Sisters
Stand Up And Save As Many As You Can Save!

We Live So Together We Can Play
Instead Of Spreading Hate
Love, Care
And With Each We Should Share The Shade!




Written by A.P

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