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Let’s Do It
Let’s Bitch
Let’s Gossip
Make Out And Ditch

Talk Behind Each Others Back
Did You See Her Hips?
Gadget And Shit
It’s All Sad That’s Hip

Gucci And Versace
All We Care Is Consumerism
And About Each Other We Not Care

The Shining And The Bling
Instagram Clicks
Promotions By Shills
Junk Food That Kills

Pornography And It’s Fake Thrills
Selfie And Selfish
No One Thinks To Give
To The Poor And Needy
In Greed We Live

No One Ask The Question
What Government Is?
If It’s For The People By The People
Then Why It Does Not Act Like It?
Why So Many Protesting?

Televisions And Shows
Mind In Control
Psychological Hold
Religion Why To Follow
No One Knows

What Is Soul?
So Many Answer Not Being Told
How Many Answer To Unfold

But We All Busy Acting Bold
Buying The Fashion Sold
Not Giving Helping Hand
But Looks That Are Cold

We So Consumed
By The Propaganda
We All Being Mold
In A Member Of Society
Doing As Being Told

Trending Biz Is Sick
Ask For Real News
Not What Stars Did!

Question That Concerns Humanity
And Ways To Uplift
We Living In Curse
And It Seems Like Bliss

Let’s Ask The Real Question
What Can To The Society We Give?
Let’s Leave It Better
Than What It’s!

Everyday Something New For Which We Crib
Forrest And Animal Meanwhile Fall Extinct
Fossil Fuels We Dig
Lets Give A Major Share To Sun And The Wind

Business And Markets Being Hit
Downfall Of Countries And Economies
Meanwhile Few Keeps Getting Rich
These Are The Trending Biz
What A Time To Live!

Cola And Drinks
McDonald And Olympics?
Why Are They Linked?
Real Odd Couples
Should It Not Promote Health And Well being?

Not Right It Seems
Corporates And Scheme
Not Human Life But Corporates Are Treated As Supreme
Control They Wanna Keep

Obey And Do As They Say
It’s Not Fair
But Right Now All Are Busying Shopping
And No One Cares

Trending Biz

Trending Biz


Written by A.P

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‘A true revolution runs on love.’ Ernesto Che Guevara… Wether Love of family, people, god or ones country.

Destroy love and there can’t be any resistance !!


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