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There are times when I think- I like you
There are times when I think- Why?
There are times when I miss you
Then I think should I?

This keep on going back & forth!
Back & forth!
Makes me think- Is it worth my time!?

Should I love someone so much
That I start to forget who am I ?
Losing Track Of Life!

Lost in my mind!
Should one care so much?
That he start telling himself the lies –

There must be some reason behind
what he/she is doing
Or he/she will never make me lose my smile!
What he/she did was it intentional?
Or unintentional?
You think about this all the While!

He/She will never intentionally hurt me
Starting to lose track of path & the line!

Just some changes,
It’s just changes & differences we have to work on
It’s part of life

He/She is mine & always will be mine
It’s getting harder & harder to decide
What’s wrong & whats right!

Go mad over everything
And Start To Question
Now what all I’m thinking
Is It Irrational?

The different images I picturise
Is my thinking right?
Or I love Him/her & I should trust The Person blind!

Think & think all day long
Try & sleep but patience is long gone
What exactly is date & time?
Now, I get it why it’s said “love is blind” cause
You can’t even decide what is wrong & what is right!

& Someones wrong is someones right!
Now tell me who is to decide!

Tricky Business

Tricky Business


Written by A.P

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