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Greedy Mouths, Shattered dreams!
Noisy bones, Soul left the body!
Shadows running in streets,
Glimpse of devil in holy cities!

Polluted Countries
Corrupted bodies- where is my relief!
Fake smile, Fake feelings!
That’s the truth only!
Money takes control of you & me!

Hollow mind runs the streets!
Empty promises are what they feeding me
Silver spoon in their mouths..people suffer cause of this!

Make believe mission to save!
Wars they claim!
Kill me with gun you see!
I have spoken the truth only!

Drought to make people suffer
Stuffing their garage with gold & silver.

The truth only!
Rope made of lies I’m holding!
Cut the rope & Set me free
Kill me now,
All you feeding are fantasies only!

Truth Only!

Truth Only!


Written by A.P

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