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Universe is working for you…
Not against you
You will have to struggle – So true!

But you have to be brave
This is the road you have to go through..
This is what you have to do…
This is how you become all new

A man from the future
A man with vision
Bear All, Savor the moments
Work with precision

Karma, Struggle, Regrets, Depression
Smile, Laughter & The burden..
All this shapes you
This is all what makes you!
You are not going to give up
Go & Prove!!

Work everyday, Struggle in lonely nights
Dawn will break when you will only smile
Each day is for who?
Each day makes you
You will find the break through

Fight you have to put up to
Experience you have to gain
Regrets you have to lose

Power you have to chose
Each day shapes you!
No matter how bad!
How good!!
Shocking – Surprising
No matter how many times you been misunderstood
Put your best foot
Stand up for self & You should !

Go make yourself
Or go break yourself
GO……Go for self
Each day can be a bliss or a hell!
This is what you decide
Go with fire in eyes

I Dare You to face you
I Dare You to put up a fight
I Dare You to survive
I Dare You to smile
I Dare You to cry
I Dare You to create the difference
& The difference is only You!

Go – Go from what you have to go through
Don’t stop
Struggle will always chase you
Each day is yours
& You are fit to fight
Show some proof

Suffering shapes you
Into All new
Go be the tomorrow biggest & greatest news

Choice is between Past you can’t change Or
The future that you have to make
Change what you can change
Take a leap of faith

Losing sleep..
Only worth it when
Working towards your dream

Truth Or Dare..?

Truth Or Dare..?


Written by A.P

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