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Cutting The Umbilical Cord
I Can’t Breed You
Your Ego And Greed
I Can’t Feed You

You Treat Me Like A Foot Mat
And You Want Me To Greet You?
Just To Be Clear
Sorry, I Don’t Need You!

Your Lies And Images
I See Through
All The Things You Portray
I Know, No! They Are Not True

I’m Being Smart And Growing Wise
I Know For You Silence
Is What I Can Best Describe
I Can See The Difference Between Wrong And Right

Eyes Are Open
No, I’m Not Blind!
Use Of Sense And Mind
No, I’m Not Naive

Just To Be Clear
With Stupid One Can’t Afford To Fight
They Will Drag You To Their Level And They Feel Nice!

I Think Silence Will Suffice
The Umbilical Cord
I’m Cutting It Down Alright
Feeding On Others The Parasite

I Have My Own Life To Live
I Can’t Keep Doing It Again And Again
It’s All Shit

All The Time And All The While
You Lie And Don’t Feel Shy
It Amazes Me The Height
Height Of Ones Selfishness

And Reasoning From Your Side
Justifying Them With All Your Might
And Sticking To Your Point!

Just To Tell You
Actions Never Hide

It Describe All And Better
Better Than The Words
Words Are Just Noise
To Be Heard
When In Real Actions
Make And Break The World

Hiding Behind Reasoning And Explanation
The Ones You Know All Is Crap
And Made Up!

Making Up Things As You Go
And You Think People Might Not Even Know
You Think All Are Blind
Just To Tell You
You Reap What You Sow

Cutting The Umbilical Cord
And The Ego
The Life You Try To Suck Out Of Others
And Feel Secure

Leaving Others In Doubt And Misery
And Pretend To Feel Sorry For
I Feel Sorry For You
And Hope You Grow

I’m letting You Go
Time Is Same For All
And Everyone Grows Old
Killing Others Hope

Your Mind Games Are Over
I Don’t Mind You Any More
There Is No Free Lunch
And I’m Cutting The Umbilical Cord
Live And Let Live
Go Forth!




Written by A.P

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