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It’s The Questions That Brought You Here
And I’m The Answer You Need To Hear
Sit In Silence, It Will Be Clear
How Eyes Are Betrayed By Delusion
The Connection
Is Always There
It’s The Thoughts And Belief
Bringing All The Fears

It’s The Storm Of Thoughts
The Power Of Thinking
Making Things Real

“What You Seek Is Seeking You”
The Answers Lives Inside
Inside It’s All New
It’s All Connected
We  Are All One
Outside It’s All Said And Done!

Are You Ready To See
What I Wanna Show?
For That What All You Think You Know
You Need To Let It Go

“When You Let Go Of Who You Are
You Become Who You Might Be”
It’s ” ME” The One You Feel
I’m Your Reasons And Your Means
I’m The “Thinking”
I Give Situation It’s Meaning

Free Yourself From Yourself
Before You Die
Mind Can Bring You Hell
Hold It Well

It’s The Mind That Makes It Real
What All We Feel
Free Your Mind And You Will Thrive
Thoughts Define Our Life

“Ignorance Is A Bliss”
That Might Be Right
But Once You Are Aware
You Can’t Change Sides
We Living Inside A Matrix
With Paths Predefined!

Growing Like Virus
We Only Multiply And Destroy
We have The Power To Unplug
And Live Our Life!

What You Seek
You Will Find
Unplug This Is Your Time

You Are More Than Body
You Are The Spirit That Soars High

Break Free from Mold
Shaped By Belief & Society
A Tight Hold

You Be Free
If You Just Be

Matrix Is Real
You Can Develop
Into New If You Let Go Of Fears

If You Keep Walking The Same Road
It Will Lead You Where It Always Gone
You Will Knock On The Same Door
Answers Will Be Same Old

In Order To Change
Walk The New Route
Get Rid Of Old Shoes
Don’t Worry You Will Make Through
Advice – Be Honest To Self & True!

You Are In Total Control Of Your Life
You Will Thrive And Not Just Survive
If You Make Up Your Mind

Open Your Eyes
Believe What You See
It Will Get You All What You Need

Scary Matrix Is Not A Dream
If You Wake Up
You Will Know It’s The Real Deal
Fears Are They Real?
They Are Power Of Imagination
Of Which We Scared
Something We Create
But Not Actually There

Real World Is Cold
Hollow Inside
It’s “VOID”
Silence Where You Will Hear Your Voice
But It Gives You Power And Your Choice!

It Helps You Know
Your Path, Is What You Decide
It’s No Fate
You Have Power Over Your Life
If You Control Your Brain

“Truth Will Piss You Off
But It Will Set You Free”
Look Inside
It’s Real
Outside Is Make Believe






Written by A.P

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