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This Place
This Corner
This Bed
This Table
Everything So Uncomfortable

I Think
I Dream
But Then I Go And See The Reality
I Dream Of Equal Wealth
But All I See Is Poverty

I Want
I Desire
I Need
I Require
A State Of Equality

The Fight
The Greed
People Starving On The Streets
I Call It Cruelty

Rich keeps Making Money
Poor With No Opportunity
In A Fight To Survive
Both Sides Lose Life

Cut Tress
Slaughter Animal
Kill Everything And Everyone
In The Name Of Progress
We Rule The World
Applying The Approach
Oppress And Show No Mercy Or Love

Kill The Ones With No Or Less Power
Hurt The Ones Who Can’t Speak
And Tag Them Cowards

The Human Race
Is Worst Of All
We Might Be Intelligent And Most Evolved
But In The End It’s Us On The Fault
In The Name OF Progress
We Do Wars

We Should Spread Smile And Life
But We Live In Greed And Hatred
Most Of Time

Unsettling Reality
Between Free And Beautiful Nature
Costly Seems Humanity




Written by A.P

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