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Free From Thought Process
And Just Be
Just Be A Serene Human Being
Be Free From Hatred And Greed
Live A Life
The One You Dream

Be Free From So Called Needs
Need To Destroy Nature
The Fights And Struggle
Is This All Make Believe?

Are We Manufactured Corporate Breed?
Am I Talking Of Utopia?
Too Real To Speak..Too Far Fetched A Scheme?

Am I Not Allowed To Be Naive?
To Dream Of Illusion And Not Be Shy
Shy To Dream
Big And What Seems Right
To Stay In A Peaceful Earth To Live And Love Life

Real Question Arise..
How Will Society Survive?
If We Shy Away From Growth
It’s Mandatory, It Needs Resources More

This Is How Development Sounds
It’s More Lost Than Found

Utopia Just A Dream
But I Just Want Corporate With No Greed
So There Be More Smile And Peace
And No Wars For Money
And Constant Rate Of Environment Declining
Humans Die And Corporates Shining


And I Do Believe In Me
We Can Do Our Part And Bring The Change
For The Society So It Sustains
If We Want!!

It’s  A Common Table
And The Question Is What Have You Bought?

Utopia Just A Dream
But I Do Believe
A Better Place We Can And Should Leave…




Written by A.P

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