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Vengeance is it your cup of tea?
Should we also kill cause we are hurt?
Or be the bigger person so to speak &
Leave the culprit unhurt!

Path to answer Seem to fade away,
Negativity takes the stage,
Overwhelming it screams on top…
Brain being washed away

Vengeance! Vengeance! I see the cloud….
Vengeance what drives me today,   I want to kill him now!
Cause he murdered a part of me yesterday

On the path to revenge I realized!
It was so meant to be..
He did it cause he had to!
Cause of him I learned to speak!
For which I thank you…

He taught me of destiny,
He taught me of fate,
It was so meant to be..
I need to learn how to love the hate…

Cause I know noise of guns won’t settle down
So, I took the path of silent killing….
I’m smiling for whatever you do!
It’s more fulfilling!

Let him kill himself with questions,
Let him argue with himself,
He will die of suffocation…. Witness the living hell!

Let the devil die..
Next time he overshadows the mind,
Be calm for while,  & He will wave goodbye!!




Written by A.P

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