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Antidote For The Pain
How Can I Kill The Venom?
Traveling Towards The Brain
Paralyzing Beyond Control

Heart Beat Getting Slow And Slow
Breath Hard To Grasp
Venom Spreading In The Body
How Will I Last?

Everywhere Is Confusing
It’s Mayhem In The Mind
Is It Visions I See
Or Thoughts I’m Trying To Fight
Reality Always On Denial

Veins Pumping Venom
From Head To Toe
Brain Sending Signals
From Self Where To Go?

Venom Is The Thoughts
Antidote Is Self Control
Outside World Keeps On Changing
But Inside What Is Required I Need To Know

It Needs Peace And Quiet
What Happens Outside
Should Not Affect The Inside

See It As It Is
Don’t Fight This Beyond Means
Cause It Grabs And Drags
Down To Level Of Self inflicted Misery

Be Where You Are
Mentally And Physically
If Both Not At Par
Then It’s Venom
Burning And Spreading Fast




Written by A.P

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