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Not about how many out there..
It’s about time & place

What at that particular moment made you smile
& Made you feel safe
Billions other out there
But can they do the same?

Were they all part of history?
But that someone is gone..
Which makes you hate

Trying to fill that hollow space
It’s about that favorite song that drive insane..
Which remind you what you had & gave

It gets back to you
Sometimes in night
Sometimes in day

How it feels
To have someone when you really need
& You get the same
With no holding back & No shame

Having someone in that time & place
To be with you in open sky & empty space
You know nothing will change

But it’s about going back in time
& Collecting the memories you made
To go back
& Travel through space
What will it take?

Feels Void now..
Preferences have changed

When insecurity kicks in
You need someone arms to wrap in
Parents, Friends or some belief to believe in

If I can make you think
Then my work is done
It’s end of it!!




Written by A.P

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