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A Man Is Only As Good As His Words!
Do You Match Them With Actions
Shows Your Worth
Who Are You?

What Are You Aiming Towards!
Is It Affectation And Pretentiousness?
Or Do You Really Mean The Things You Blurt!
Your Every Word Is It Charade And Rehearsed?
Pretending To Be Who You Are You Not

It Will Be Noted And Heard!
No Matter How Hard
Or Absurd
Do You Walk The Talk
Or Walk Away Reflects Your Heart!

The Prints Of Your Feet
Are They Going Towards Or Against
What You Preached
You Aim For It
No Matter How Far, You Still Try And Reach

You Walk The Talk!
At Times Regardless Of Your Greed!
Actions Show What You Really Are
Words If Not Backed By Actions
Are Empty And Make Believe!

Don’t Fall For Manipulated
Words And Their Schemes!
Difference Between Action And Words
Will Show You Just How Much The Person Is Mean!

Judge A Person From Their Actions
Not Words They Feed!
It Might Falsely Lead
Into Believing Things
Which Can’t Be Seen!

Walk The Talk!
Cause Just Talk Is Cheap!
A Person’s Worth Their Actions Screams!
Regardless Of What They Speak!

Walk The Talk!

Walk The Talk!


Written by A.P

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