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Aren’t We All Dead Inside?
Holding Ipods And Mobiles
Too Much Consumed In Self
That Nothing Else We Like!

Walking In Malls Flaunting Smiles
Holding Bags Full Of Goodies
With Sense Of Ego And Pride
Vanity Ignites

Flaunting Designers Names And Logos
Outside A Poor Family Cries
And Fights For Necessity Of Life
We Walking With Open Eyes But Blind

Lacking In Meaning
So Shopping Till We Die
That’s All The Meaning To Which We Manage To Arrive
Pushing Each Other On Cash Counter Lines
Not Virtues But We Prefer Vice!

In Mirrors We Might Look Glowing Bright
May Be Glamorous But Not Wise
Not Always Beautiful
But Mirror Reflect Trends Of The Time!

Not Able To Sit Quite
And Listen To The Higher Voice!
But Prefer End Of Season Sale And It’s Fight!
We All Are Consumer And Zombified

Following Big Banners And Advertisements
Which Shines
Not Using Our Brain
To Stop And Think ‘Why?’

Killing And Destroying
And Concrete Thrives
Forest And Animal Extinct!
Humanity Sacrificed

We Are The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

Walking Dead


Written by A.P

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