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What A Waste Of Life
The Wars And The Fights
We Engrave “Rest In Peace”
And Screaming They Die

All In Vain
Brainwashed For Sacrifice
Seeing The Deceased Medal Of Honor
Their Family Cries

What Is The Point?
Medal Against Lost Soul
Material To Satisfy?
What’s The Point Of Pride?

The Pain Never Hides
It Surfaces Time To Time
The Gore And The Blood
Who Will Realize?
It’s A Crime!

Against Humanity
Why Turn Blind?
Million Dies
Over Fictitious Boundaries Defined

Nationality Described
And Control
Becomes The Right
Of Few With Money In Mind

Following Orders
And Not Allowed To Improvise
It’s Just A Job
Why Don’t You Resign?

War Is Crime Legalized
War Heroes
Blood Flows Like Wine!
How Cheap Is Soul Priced!

War Heroes

War Heroes


Written by A.P

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