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The People We Have Lost
The Wars We Have Fought!
Destroying Each Other
Which We Do A Lot!

From All This What Have We Got?
With Peace Can We Live Or Can We Not?
Live And Let Live!
Isn’t Life Already Short?

Why Bombs And Guns?
Fire In The Hole And Gun Shots!
The Blood Shed And Destruction
Horrifying Plot!

The People Who Lead
With Evil In Thoughts
Don’t Human See Their Faults?
Where They Are Going Wrong!
Wars And What For?

So Oil, Silver And Gold
More Important Than Souls?
How Many Sacrificed
How Many Dead On The Floor!

Isn’t It Enough?
What Do YOU Want More?
Destroying Each Other
From Earth There Is No Where To Go!

Blood And Gore!
In Pursuit To Stock And Store -To Hoard
In The End
Human Will Destroy Itself
Horde Destroying All The Resource!

All This For Money- You Who**!

What Do YOU Want?

What Do YOU Want?


Written by A.P

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