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Come Up With Your Masterpiece
Speak Your Mind!
Speak Of Peace!

Rage That You Concealed!
Speak Of Reason You Can’t Sleep!
Why And What Is It?
That Cuts You So Deep
Pen On Page! Let It Catch Speed!

Till You Relieved!
Mind And It’s Thoughts!
Let It Reveal What You Feel!
Keep It Short, Sweet And Brief Or
Don’t Stop In Between

Let It Flow, Let It Speak!
Thoughts On Which Your Mind Feeds!
Spill The Beans
What You Got And What Is It You Need!
What You Desired Against What You Received!

Everything That You Wanna Be!
Everything That You Believe!
What Makes You Strong And What Is It That Makes You Weak!
Talk Of Hypocrisy!
Is It Necessary?

Talk Of Your Dreams!
Write- To You What Silence Means!
Someone You Care Or Hate Silently!
Why Your Thoughts Crash Violently!
Talk Of The Irony!

Let Pen Weep, Ink Flow And Pages Scream!
When You Done!
You Be Free!
Now You Can Sleep Finally!

“These Words I Write Keep Me From Total Madness”
– Charles Bukowski

What Is It?

What Is It?



Written by A.P

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Thank you for saring your thoughts. I trujly appreciate your efforts and I will bbe waiting for your fuether write uups thanks once again.


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