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Even If End Result Is Nothing
Dead Ending!
But We All Living For Something!
Can You Tell Me What Is Your Thing!?

What Gives Your Life Meaning?
The Things You Will Die To Win!
Towards What Are You Aiming?
For What Do You Live!

Love, Money, Fame Or Soul Searching!
To What Your Thoughts Cling?
What All Do You Think?
And Till You Win
You Never Plan To Give In

Giving Direction To Your Time Remaining!
With Your Life
What Do You Plan On Gaining?
What Are You Chasing?

Even If Frustrating!
And Surroundings Keep Changing
You Keep On Enduring!
With Experience You Keep Growing!

What Qualities Are You Showing?
How You Acting, How You Behaving?
The Thoughts And Ideas You Are Containing
Are You Sharing
How Much Are You Loving And Caring?

How Do You Plan On Sustaining!
For What Your Mind Is Craving?
Towards What Are You Steering?
And Your Eyes Keep Staring!

Meaning Of Life
You Define It
By Your Thinking!
And What You Doing, How You Living!
The Meaning Is Yours For Giving!

What Is The Meaning Of  It?

What Is The Meaning Of It?


Written by A.P

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