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We All Think There Will Be More!
All The Routes We Travel
Miles Of Road!
Trying To Find Our Self
Waiting For Something To Unfold!

Trying To Explore!
Trying To Find What All Means!
What Is The Ultimate Goal!?
What Are We Exactly Here For?
In This Life Will We Ever Be Sure?

Going New Places
Going From Mountains To Shores!
Connecting To Our Roots
And Seeking The Path To Ones Soul!

Trying To Give Meaning To All
And Meaning We All Forge!
Looking Situation With New Perspective!
Which Opens New Doors!

Running Towards Next Thing!
Locating New Places Unknown!
Looking Things Differently!
And New Places To Go!
And Turning Every Stone!

What Is The Point?
If Truth Be Told!
No One Knows!
Everyone Going One Phase To Another
Living Into Society And It’s Mold!

But In Between Collect All You Can!
Feel The Music
And Every Note!
Appreciate Summer Hot
And Winter Cold!

Feel It!
Let The Moments Take It’s Hold!
Just Don’t Keep Going!
Learn To Sit In Silence, It’s Gold!
Learn To Be There!

Rather Than Being Bored!
Just Don’t Run
Take It Slow!
Collects Feelings
Cause In The End We Will All Just Leave The Floor!

What Is The Point?

What Is The Point?


Written by A.P

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