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Where’s Waldo?
Where Does The Truth Hides?
Living In The Age Of Propaganda
All The Wrong Seem Right

Justification And Reasoning
Lawyers On The Fight
All The Wrong Being Corrected
With Money And It’s Being Justified

Aren’t We Naive
What About Look Into Actions
It’s Infront Of Eyes
Behind The Words
And Manipulated Mind
Is Where Waldo Hides

Religion, Military, Wall Street
Rolling The Dice
Behind The Belief Waldo Hides

Religion Is A Metaphor
Don’t Take It Literally
All Are Saying The Truth
All Are Same
Understand Their Teachings
Don’t Just Cram The Name

It’s Not Allah , Jesus Or Krishna
It’s Consciousness

But Truth Wall Street Hates
Cause On Lies Profit It Makes
Military Swings Into Action For Religion Sake
Billions Gets Killed
In Vain

Where’s Waldo?
Is He Too Ashamed?
Won’t He Show Up?
Break Out Of Chains?
Locked Behind The Propaganda
And Laws Of State

Whistle Blowers Are Being Convicted
Cause Lies Are On The Stake
Once You Show The Truth
And It’s Never The Same Again

Whistle Blowers Are Being Thrashed
For Speaking The Mind
What They Saw Infront Of Eyes
They Are Thrown Out Of Country
But Why?

Cause It’s Against The Law
They Break Their Contract
It’s Insider Trading
Haven’t You Heard Of That?

They Being Held Behind The Bars
Because Of Laws
Laws Made To Safeguard
All Of Sudden Seem To Be Flawed


Judge, Jury And Executioner
Are The Same
With Greed And Propaganda
All Been Raised And Tamed
When One Speaks Up
It Disturbs The Game

It Affects The Wall Street
Hence The Government
Hence The Military
What A Shame

But To Figure Him Out
Eyes Is What It Takes!!

Waldo You Are Under Arrest
“You Have The Right To Remain Silent.
Anything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You In A Court Of Law”
How Conveniently Violent
Waldo Is Silenced !




Written by A.P

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