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Why Are We Here?
So Who Are We?
Soul Searching
Human Beings?
Living In Endless Dream..
Or Reality We Can’t See..?


We All Are Commodities
Who Says Love And Mankind It Is?
Welcome To The Corporate Greed
We Are Just The Derivatives

At Times We Make More Money When We Die
And Not Live
We Are Insured I Mean..
Gulf War And People Killed
How Is It?
Many Died And Few Got Rich
At The Same Time
Some In Misery And Some Lavishly Lived?

Who Says We Are Human?
No The Right Term Is Consumer
Born So We Can Purchase
Even If We Die In Haste
Our Death Certificate Money Makes

It’s Not About Love Or Hate
It’s About How Much Money We Generate
Labors And Slaves
With A Corporate Briefcase

We Are Just A Wall Street Trade
We Be Dead Or Alive Doesn’t Matter
Money Is On Stake

Consumption Is Up
Consumption Is Down
Isn’t This A Familiar Sound?
That Corporate Is Dying And Government Bails It Out
Not Humans But Corporate Should Be Around!

Born To Purchase
Higher The Population
Higher The Corporate Income
We Are Just The Bate
Corporates Fishing Our Lives And We Being Baked

Humans Are Born And They Die
In Between Humans Are Zombified
Corporate A Never Ending Entity
Just So Profits Could Be High

Nothing Else Matters
They Just Make Money Out Of Our Life
Go Consumer Consume And Don’t Deny
While Humans Fails
Corporates Survive
For Profits They Make Sure We Be Dead
And Not Be Alive

For Higher The Profits
Corporates Outsource
So What You Can’t Afford
Decent Living No More

They Want You Right Where You Are
In Such A State Of Misery
That You Work For Money Giving Away Your Dignity

Pledging Our Soul To Devil

Hey You!
We Are The Derivatives

Who Are We?

Who Are We?


Written by A.P

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