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Take A Walk On The Wild Side
Why You Cry?
Uncertainty Scares You ?
But That’s Life

Things Happen
Take Them In Stride
A Moment In Doubt
And Confidence Runs Dry
And You Ask Why?

Stop Talking Negative Inside
What Goes In Mind
Effects Outside
Question Is Your Confidence Low Or High?

Towards What Is Your Mind Inclined
Scared Of Uncertainty?
Or Excited To Walk On The Wild Side?
Go With Smile And Pride

Dare And You Should Try
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Nothing Is Permanent
And Nothing Can Be Predetermined
But You Will Survive

Don’t Be Afraid By Hands Of Time
Life Won’t Ask Ready Or Not!?
It Will Strike!
Quickly Reply!

Uncertainty Should Excite
Be Fast And Agile
Put Your Effort And Soar The Sky
Walk On The Wild Side

A Route You Don’t Know
But Don’t Be Afraid To Go!
In Life
Only Uncertain Is Assured

Wild Side

Wild Side


Written by A.P

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