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I Am Gonna Tell You How To Fight The Odds
What You Need And What Not
You Decide First
You Believe
You Got To Know It’s No Ones But Your Dream
No Matter Others But You Gotta Feel The Heat

You Demand It From Universe
You Command It Be Delivered
Once You Said It From Heart
And It Will Be Heard

Your Thoughts Are Physical
They Manifest In The Real World
Believe That You Deserve It
Believe It’s Yours
Believe And It Will Be Done
There’s Nothing Else To It, Nothing More..

Confucius Said
“He Who Says He Can
And He Who Says He Can’t
Are Both Usually Right”
Cause We All Know The Truth Inside

What We Made Of
And How Far We Can Go
Once You Demand It And It Will Be Yours

So Demand Your Right
And Be Ready For The Fight
Fighting The Odds
Trick Is One Brick At A Time

You Don’t Build A Great Wall Straight Away
You Lay A Brick
As Perfectly As It Could Be Laid
And Soon You Have It
The Wall That Is Tough To Break

All Just Determination It Takes
The Word Is WILL
Your WILL Should Not Shake

Believe And It’s Done!
Universe Work For Your Sake
Thoughts Are Creator
But Determination And WILL
Is Yours To Generate

Like Running On Tread Mill
Determination Makes Us Run
It’s Our Skill
Where There Is WILL

There Is Way
This Is All It Takes!





Written by A.P

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