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What Is This Life?
Why Nothing Excites?
No We Are Not Alone Or Love Deprived

I Wanna Know Why Did We Arrive?
Is There Any Hidden Meaning Behind?
Am I Going Crazy
That I Wish To Know The Meaning Of The Time

I Hear It Clicking
Every Second Life Passing By
Yet I Never Say Goodbye
Why Are We Trapped Inside The Mind?

When It’s An Open Land
Why Is There Struggle To Survive?
It’s Easy To Be Sad
But Harder To Smile

Is Something Lost In All This While?
As We Grow Something Dies
I’m Alive
But The Question Is

Do I Feel It Inside?
Or I Let The Movement Define
Drag Me Behind!

Life Is Bigger I Know
Why I Forget- SO AM I!!
Why All The Self Inflicted Crimes?
The Murder Behind Ones Own Eyes

It’s Silent Killing
Cause We Stop Believing
Give Up Dreaming
There Is Sense Of Drowning And Self Loathing

It’s All About Attitude Within
Silent Outside
But Inside Screaming

It’s Time I Get Up
Keep Doing
Be Willing
I’m Alive And I Should Feel It!
I Will Never Give In

Like One Breathe In
And One Breathe Out
If We Hold Too Long
We Will Pass Out

It’s Ok!
IF Feel Like To Scream And Shout!
I Will Never Surrender To Doubts

Peace Comes From Within
Do Not Seek It Without!




Written by A.P

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