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Give It A Name
And We All Will Be Suffering From It
Some Just Cover It Under Sheets
And Some Just Reveal

Some Suffers From That
And Some Suffer From This
Everybody Finding How To Happily Live?

Trying To Find Our Way
That’s The Gist
Chase The White Rabbit
Time Is Something We All Lost
And We Miss

It’s All Cause We Are Thinkers
And We All Think
We All In The Wonderland
Lost In The Mist

We Are The Ones Who Control Our Own Life
It’s All About What We Desire And Wish
No You Are Not Alone
We All Are In!

Try Giving It A Name
And We All Be Termed Diseased
In A Wonderland We Live
Pop A Pill!

All It Needs Is A Paradigm Shift
It’s All Alright
What Gives?

Constantly We Think
What’s And What Could Have Been
We All Think About What If!

We All Are Mad Here
We All Are Suffering
It All Carries A Deeper Meaning
We All On The Different  Level
Wondering About What It Is?

We All Are Mad Here
Completely Bonkers
We All Will Survive
No Matter

Just Need To Be Like The Mad Hatter
Enjoying What So Ever
Believe And Magic Happens

We All Lost In The Transit
Everyone Trying To Find The Exit
It’s A Wonderland
We All Are Named Alice
We All Are Mad Here
That’s Why We Exist




Written by A.P

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