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Exit Calm,Exit Silence,
Then Enters Violence.
Everyone Wants Petrol
Trying To Be Dominating And Taking The Hold
Gold Prices Sore

Market Crash
Europe Trashed
More Than U.S.A, Apple firm got cash!
Bill gates not tired of collecting money

Gaddafi Dead
Libyans Happily Living
Saddam Hussein Was Executed Long Back
Still Iraq Not On Track

Petrol Prices Up – Petrol Prices Down!
No Alternate Fuel Found?
Booking Of Cars For Months
Lets Happily Pollute The Environment

Government So Amazing !
Stealing Money Under The Nose
But Moral Policing And Censorship
Is Must You Know!
Swiss Banks And Privacy Policy What For?
Money laundering Will Be In Control If They Let Go!

Global Warming And Living Getting Costly
Economy Down, Water Level Down,
Global Warming Up, Corruption Up
Laddy gaga Singing I’m Star Struck?
What The Fuck?

Human Beings Servants
Servants To The Piece Of Paper
Even Though We Made Them
Still Money Dictates Us!
How Conveniently People Are Shameless

World Is Filled With Hatters
People With Fake Makeups
All Showing Off Their Fake Stuff

Armani, Gucci, Versace
Cause Heaven Is Very Picky
Carry Costly Ornaments And Brand Stitching
Else There Is No Entering Within

Plastic And Toxic
Twin Towers Down
Truth Covered Under Lid
You Call It Act Of Terrorist?
So Stupid

Read Newspaper And All The Stories
Even The Comic Strips Getting Boring
Actress And Actor With Glories?

Rich Getting Richer
And Poor Never Gets Covered
How You Plan To Control Recession ?
Money Only Flows Between The Rich
Isn’t It Form Of Oppression?
Stupid Politicians !!

Osama Bin Laden Assassinated
In Pakistan By U.S.A
Somalia The Pirates Bay

How Easy To Tell Fake And Control The News
Isn’t It Form Of Public Abuse?

Tsunami After Tsunamis
World Under The Sea
Taking Control In It’s Hand
Nature Fed Up With Human Greed

Praying For The Lord
All In Dark

Word Play

Word Play


Written by A.P

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