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Something You Can’t Take Away From Me
My Thirst To Write
And On Emotions It Feed
When I Sit Down With My Pen
And The Way I Make Him Weep

The Way The Ink Flows
And The Thoughts bleed
I’m Silent, But My Mind
It Murder Screams
Murder With A Pen And I Call It Master Piece

Sit Down With My Thoughts, My Opinion And A Sheet
All Pen Down
Emotions At Times Are Extreme!

A Clue, A Emotion, A Trigger Is All I Need!
When I Write, I Write For Fun
It All Comes Out Memories I Keep
I’m Silent And All Of A Sudden My Mind Speaks
Can I Have A Word, Please!

It Creates A Situation Hypothetical May Be!
My Mind Gives Me Emotions To Play With
I Jot It All Down
Scribble, Doodle Without Any Meaning
When Done It’s Totally Amazing!

Feels Incredible With A Sense Of Achieving
A Life To Express And Not Impress
I Think, I’m Living!
For Society
My Words I’m Leaving!

May Be This Is Self Boosting
Today This Is What I’m Feeling
My Mind It Just Wants To Write
And Pen Starts Moving!

It Wants To Create A Symphony
Mind The Conductor, Director
The Baton He’s Waving!

Gives Me A Sense Of Direction
The Tempo And Rhythm
I’m Suppose To Play In

Gonna Pull A Hemingway Today
And My Mind Say!
Psst, Can I Have A Word Please

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
– Ernest Hemingway

A Word, Please!

A Word, Please!


Written by A.P

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