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Odds Might Be Against
People Might Not Be Who They Portray
But This Is Your Life To Make
Get Up And Say – I’m Not Afraid!!

You Can Make It Big Or Break
Chance Are Yours To Take
Know Your True Self
Know You Are Brave!

Wake Up The Lion From The Slumber
Bring Him Out The Cave
Get Him Off The Leash
Get Him Out The Cage!



Word To The Wise!
Will Hint Suffice?
Hint – You Are!?

– You Are – Brave,So Rise!

You Are The Command Of Your Life
It’s What You Decide!
Do You Make Dreams Come True?
Or Let Them Slide?

Make It Happen – ALRIGHT!!
Get Up You Are Losing Precious Time
What People Other Wise Say And Do – Don’t Mind!

It Shows Who They Are!
It’s Them Not You – Realize!
People Are People
Don’t Be Naive!

Get Up And Fight
You Do What You Have To Do- Meanwhile
Against All The Odds
Own The Situation And Say- You Are Mine!

It’s A Jungle
And Some Are Selling Lies
Time Is Unbiased
It’s Importance Don’t Deny!
It’s Twenty Four Hours For All
Day After Night

Be Comfortable With Situation And People
See The Enemy Eye To Eye
Wise Words To Live By
You Are Brave- So Rise!

Don’t Surrender
Don’t Dwell In- Why’s?
You Will Know The Truth
Truth Never Hides

Get Up And Make A Choice!
Things Happen That We Can’t Avoid
It’s Part And Parcel

A Word To The Wise- RISE!

Word To The Wise

Word To The Wise


Written by A.P

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