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What We Do Here
Is Gonna Stay
In The Time Of Adversity
How We Behaved?

What We Do For Others?
And Love We Create
How Much Of Passion We Generate

Did You Look Out For Others?
And Showed Them The Way
By Examples You Set
And You Set Yourself Free From The Hate

Jealousy, Greed And The Evils You Destroyed
The Hardship You Faced Throughout The Life
No One Understood You
But You Never Let Yourself Be Toyed


So What If It’s Scary
I’m Not Gonna Be Scared, You Decide!
With People And Events Don’t Be Annoyed
Look Fear Eye To Eye

You Keep Creating The Life Of Your Choice
It’s Yours What You Want
You Need To Toil
Nothing Is Free

Don’t Just Sit And Pass The Time
It Will Come To Pass Anyhow
Either Make Or Break Yourself IN Between
Nothing Is Tomorrow
Everything Is Now

It’s All About Energy
And How You Flow
Everything That Sets You Back
Let It Go

Your Thoughts And Desire Travels
You Should Know
Who You Need To Work For?
Is For Your Own

Be Fearless
Be Courageous
On The Stage Of Life
Put Up A Good Show..
It’s Your Turn…GO!!





Written by A.P

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bailey jenson

I sit here each day,
As time passes me by..
With questions ..
No answers.. Yet a part of me dies..
I’ve given my heart.. To all the wrong causes
Hoping for friendship.. Not just applauses..

I’ve searched for true love.. In all the wrong places..
Searched thru her crowds.. And not seen her faces..
All the while hiding, deep down inside..
How miserable and lonely a heart is to hide..
So i fight for you’re children..
I fight for our friends..
I fight for our families.. And torment to end..
A world without fear..
And a world without pain..
A world where our children can dance in the rain..

I want to believe, that dreams can come true..
That one man.. Can build something new..
coz I remember my childhood..
And safe neighbourhoods..
Where we played in our streets..
In Australia we could!!
Not fearing drugs being sold at our schools..
By low-lives, thieves and everyday fools..
Going with friends.. Knowing its “cool”
To live in ❤ love..
and swim in its pools..
The world seems awash..
With self righteous gitts..
Selling their drugs.. And pushing their shit..
ENOUGH he screams.. We’ve all seen enough..
Their daughters been pimped..
And sent up the duff..
I cant even find..
A girl of my own!
Someone thats sweet..
A place to call home..
They all seemed too busy..
Pleasing their dealers..
To seek for a lover..
Or trust in ‘their’ feelings,
So here’s to tomorrow..
It starts here today..
An old way of life..
Where the evil gives way..
To innocence.. And a world that is kind..
Coz I’m striking down..
All the shit that I find!

And this world, will take me, or leave me behind..


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