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We Are The UNO!
We Are Made To Maintain Peace
But We Don’t!
Few Of Us Are Superior With Power Of Veto!

We Go On Wars And
Don’t Stop Them Cause Of Resource!
Oil, Silver And Gold
Is There Any Costlier Ore?

Hiding Behind The Shadow
We Are The One Shedding Blood And Gore
We Dominate And Dictate
And World Bank Giving Loans!

We Make Them Deregulate
So We Easily Can Penetrate And Exploit More!
Others Are Given Mirage Of Choice
Called The Vote

But We Are The Ones Who Decide In The End For Sure
What Will Be Done And What Won’t!
We Are The Dictators On The Floor
Giving Speeches On Peace And Ease In Flow

With Polices And Norms
We Lure
In The Name Of Helping Hand
We Exploit And Call It Explore!

Blue Helmets With UN Logo That Glows!
We The Exploiters
Behind The Peace Sign
Can’t Be Exposed!

In The Name Of Peace And Humans Rights
We Are The Ones Who Dictates And Force!
For Our Personal Motives We Keep A Blindfold!
Yes, We Don’t And Won’t!

Yes, We Don't!

Yes, We Don’t!


Written by A.P

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