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Life Is A Dance
And You Decide Your Song
You Dance To It’s Tune
You Dance All Life Long
You Come Up With Steps
You Keep Moving On

You Feel The Energy Consumed
Or You Feel The Groove
With Your Decisions
You Come Up With Your Moves

You Can Feel The Rhythm
Let It Take Over You, Move You,
Consume You In
And Then You Dance To It

Or You Control
Against The Flow
And You Fall On The Floor
In Dance Of Life
You Let Yourself Go

Never Take It Personally
You Let It Be!

You Decide To Enjoy Ride
You Decide It’s Alright
You Decide What’s Wrong And What’s Right
You Decide Your State Of Mind

What You Focus On You Will Feel
You Define What Things Mean
You Decide To Look At The Bright Side

Dancing Between Let It Flow
And Take Control
You Decide To Let It Go
You Dance All Night

You Decide, Your Life!

You Decide

You Decide


Written by A.P

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