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You Know How It Goes!
I’m The One Who Moves The Flow!
I’m The Politician
Always Sitting In VIP Rows!

You Know My Motives Are Cheap And Low!
Money Is What I Adore!
What I Promise, Will I Deliver?
I Think You Know!

But I Will Take Your Tax Money!
And Use It For Expenses Of My Own!
Cause I’m Politician
With Your Money I Fly To Europe!

I Do What I Want
And Go Where Ever I Wanna Go!
All I Want Is Vote!
For That I Will Make Promises And Lure

Will I Deliver?
Lets Be Serious
You Know How It Goes!
Corruption, Wars And Using Force!

To Subdue People
And Real Needs I Ignore!
I’m The Politicians
And That’s How I Roll!

Collecting People’s Money From Treasury
And Making It Mine!
“It’s My Dough”
Giving People Stupid Things To Fight For!

That’s How I Control
I Work For Companies
And Represent Them On Parliament Floor!

For The Big Companies
I Think You Know!

You Know How It Goes!

You Know How It Goes!


Written by A.P

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