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For the Brain –

I feel like my head will explode out
Will you stop!
Why the fuck do you shout?

It’s getting on my nerves
They popping out!
Blood on the face,
World stopped moving around!

Stuck in a moment
When will you be quiet?
What’s done is done!
Be patient, Be nice!

Stuck there & Then!
Why is this silence so loud!?
Hold yourself Breath- In- Breath- Out!

In a corner & Thinking over everything
Though not needed
Emotions are misleading

Be calm under the clouds
It might not rain
Everything is alright
If you just hold back & wait!

Why you always go insane?
When in moment of trouble..
You Think Too Much!

Brain! How can I make you stop to work?
Is a gift, Or a curse?
I don’t know!
Hey brain please will you go slow!

You need not mind everything!
Emotions are always misleading
Show some patience!
It’s not what you think..

Don’t give into stress
Patience- The best medicine!

Make a pact with heart
So you both act together
I don’t wanna hear 2 voices in my head
It cuts my feather

Before I even fly
I’m asked why?
I’m done with it!
So Brain better be nice!

Blowing my Brain out tonite!

You Think To Much

You Think To Much


Written by A.P

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