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Not scared, No fear
Not even a tiny drop tear
How hopeless am I now..
How easily watching myself drown

Why is there wait to see someone pull me out
Have my senses gone foul!

I know whats wrong, Still walking on the same road
Waiting for someone to show the exit
Though i can see the sign board

All this & I Can’t explain
I love you now like I love you then
Have everything I want
But wondering never stops

Then I think can anyone be me?
But everyone is unique with his identity
How unsettling is this feeling..
Knowing it’s wrong hoping it to turn into right..

Just show me tiny light
I will leave everything for your sweet smile

If there is one hope
Then that hope is you
Like I believe in you god
Do you believe in me too?

Show me a sign
& I will be all yours
But everything up till now has been Sweet – Sour

I am what I am cause of all of this
& Few things I never wanted but I grew with it

Now my time to be destructive
I will show the world what they never seen
It’s me & my beast
So close yet so far..
I learned how to grow with scars

THANK YOU for tough love you showed
Now I’m gonna roar!





Written by A.P

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