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Since I Met You
My Work Is Getting Better And It Feels Great!
I Think It’s Your Name
That My Pen Tries To Say!

Your Image And Thoughts Consume Me
My Mind And Body It Claims
It’s Your Name That Takes The Center Stage
In My Brain
When It Operates

You Are The Mystery
I’m Trying To Portray!
Your Words, Your Sense And Smell
Traveling In My Ears, Eyes And Veins!
Your Influence On Me Hard To Separate!

It’s You I’m Trying To Chase
And Will I Attain?
You Are My Critic
For What It’s Worth
Would You Appreciate?

Do I Get Through You?
Do You Realize The Reality
I’m Trying To Break!
Do You See It
Or Is It All Just In Vain?

You Are My Art
My Thought
You Hold My Hand And Help Me Travel Through Space!
It’s You In My Mind
Only Cause Of You I Create!

Can You Understand And Relate?
You Are My Masterpiece
Is This Word Appropriate?
I’m Talking Of “YOU” Who Is Reading This!
Whatever Be Your Name!


Your Name?

Your Name?


Written by A.P

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